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Diversification Through Real Estate

Our special guest today is Dr. Ben Colston! Dr. Colston owns two practices in Mansfield, TX and the second is in North Richland Hillsand, TX. He is licensed as a Therapeutic Optometrist and Optometric Glaucoma Specialist. He is also an active member of both the American Optometric Association and the Texas Optometric Association. Before opening Eyes on Broad, Dr. Colston practiced at two private practices in North Dallas and in Southlake, Texas.

On this episode we dive into his real estate ventures and talk about how we can add value through our quality of life outside of optometry. 

Connect with Dr. Colston on LinkedIN here

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Reveal Your Contact Lens Approach with CooperVision

On this episode we talk to Dr. Christopher Gee, Dr. Ethan Huisman, Dr. Jeff Clements, and Dr. Michele Andrews about the MyDay Lens, the Reveal Lens, and the Multifocal Toric Lens from CooperVision. We really got into the granular nature of our practice and how we approach contact lens fitting so that it's good for the patient and profitable for the practice.

Get CooperVision Lenses in your practice here

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Time Value

Our guest today is Dr. Adam Ramsey who is the owner of Socialite Vision in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. We talked about prioritizing your time both in and out of the practice, finding the next right associate in private practice, common misconceptions optometry students have, and more!

About Dr. Ramsey: 

Born and raised on the island of Trinidad & Tobago, Dr. Ramsey dreamed of becoming a doctor and helping people. Setting his sights on becoming an optometrist, he graduated from the University of Florida and went on to Southern College of Optometry (SCO) where he obtained his Doctorate of Optometry.

While practicing Optometry at several retailers, Dr. Ramsey had a vision of opening his own store where eyeglasses & sunglasses were selected based on style and craftmanship rather than industry favorites. The result: Socialite Vision. Eye Care With Style.

When it comes to improving his practice, Adam Ramsey, OD, looks to set trends instead of following them, and he does so by looking outside of eye care for inspiration. Because at Socialite Vision in Palm Beach Gardens, Fl., going above and beyond for patients is at the core of the experience—and exceeding expectations is the standard. Every patient visit is carefully curated to the wants and needs of the individual; no two patients receive the same exam or same product offerings.

Over the past few years, Dr. Ramsey has made it his mission to help with the issue of diversity and inclusion in the eye care space. In 2019, he co-founded Black Eyecare Perspective, a nonprofit organization designed to cultivate lifelong relationships between African Americans and the eye care industry. In May 2022, Dr. Ramsey was awarded the New England College of Optometry Presidential Medal for his work through Black Eyecare Perspective.

Connect with Dr. Ramsey here on LinkedIN! 

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Focus on the 20

Today on the show we have special guest, Dr. Thanh Mai, who practices in southern California. Dr. Mai works with keratoconus, irregular corneas, orthokeratology, myopia management, vision related learning disorders, binocular vision dysfunctions, problems with focusing and eye muscle coordination. Dr. Mai created his practice with some foundational beliefs about himself and the profession as a whole. We talk about these beliefs, private equity, myopia management, and more! 

Connect with Dr. Mai here on LinkedIN! 

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TVoL: The Power of Knowing How You Work with Deidra Romero

Today on The Vision of Leadership Podcast, we have Deidra Romero. Deidra is a mom of two, baker of bread, maker of foods, a blogger, writer, content creator, and a wealth of knowledge and delight.  She and I got to know one another through Full Focus (Formerly Michael Hyatt and Co.) where she was the Client Success Specialist.  She was responsible for providing a first-class experience for our Business Accelerator clients so they can enjoy the transformation our executive coaching curriculum delivers. Her in-depth experience of coaching and the Michael Hyatt & Company products allowed her to give quality, customized care to their clients.  


Her career in media began when she started blogging in 2008 by following the advice of a digital media pioneer, Michael Hyatt. Over the years, she’s been published by multiple media companies, most notably as a regular columnist for BabyCenter, the top media company for parents owned by Johnson & Johnson. She launched her own YouTube-based media company in 2015. After garnering over 3 million views on YouTube, she starred in national television commercials and became a regular contributor on Today in Nashville, a local talk show. It was her experience in media that brought her full circle in 2017 when she joined Michael Hyatt & Company.  Since around March 2022 she became the Community Care Director for Kris Carr, a New York Times Bestselling Author, wellness activist and cancer thriver.  She is the developer of content for the kriscarr.com site. 


In her personal time, Deidra adores a good memoir, any kind of life hack, and Instagramming whatever she’s making for dinner. When she isn’t at her laptop, she’s doing something fun (and messy!) with her two kids.  You can connect with Deidra through her Instagram and if you want to see her creativity in the kitchen hit the videos button and watch her make a killer pasta recipe.  




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Still Opternative

On this quick 15 minute solo episode, I break down the news that the FDA has cleared the at home vision test developed by Visibly. I wanted to talk about what an at home vision test could be used for legitimately and I also talked about the differences between FDA approved, cleared, and registered. 

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The Case for SLT

Today I am joined by Dr. Nate Lighthizer, a friend, mentor, and colleague. We talked about the practice of optometry in terms of our scope of practice, surgery expansion, and Glaucoma. Dr. Lighthizer is an Associate Professor and the Associate Dean for the NSU Oklahoma College of Optometry. He also is the Director of the Continuing Medical Education Program for the College of Optometry, and the Chief of the Specialty Care Clinics.

Here is a link to NSUOCO CE page:
Connect with Dr. Lighthizer on LinkedIN here

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Should You Opt In?

Solo show today with me going over the 2022 MIPS Guide. In the past for smaller offices, there was often a challenge to know when you should use MIPS. With the inflationary rates as they are, any amount of benefit that you can add to your practice while not having to expend a ton of extra resources can be pretty beneficial to most small practices submitting to Medicare. There have been some exclusions in 2022 that allow MIPS achievement for smaller practices to be much more probable so that you are getting the elevated payment as opposed to a decreased payment. We go through all of this and more in this 20 minute episode! 

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Fly on the Wall

Our guest today is Dr. Dori Carlson. Dr. Carlson was the first woman to serve as President of the American Optometric Association. During her tenure as President in 2011 she visited every school/college of Optometry and lobbied extensively for children’s eye exams to be an essential benefit in health care reform.  Optometric Management named her as one of the “Most Influential in Optometry” and Primary Care News identified her as a “Pioneer in Optometry”.  She was also the 2019 recipient of Women of Optometry’s Theia Award for Leadership.

Today on the show we got to rehash the history of the profession of optometry and the historic movements that led us to where we are today. Additionally, we discussed how we can improve our relationships both inside and outside of the profession.

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Connect with Dori on LinkedIn here! 

Running for Office with Jeff Hilovsky

Today on the podcast I had Dr. Jeff Hilovsky on to talk about his run for Delaware State House. Dr. Hilovsky is retired from the military and from practicing Optometry.

Connect with Jeff from his campaign website below or LinkedIN

Facebook: @vote04jeff  Email: vote04jeff@gmail.com  

For the full show, visit: 

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Being Intentional About Combating Inflation w/ Ranjan Misra, Dr. Laurie Sorrenson, Dr. Aaron Werner and Dr. Mick Kling

For the full show, visit: 

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iCare Advisors with Dr. Eric Baas and Dr. Robert Steinmetz

Today on the podcast, I am joined by Dr. Eric Baas and Dr. Robert Steinmetz who are the co-founders of their consulting company, iCare Advisors. iCare Advisors have successfully helped over 250 eye care practices with their cold starts. They focus solely on private practice creation and laying the groundwork for a successful, profitable practice from day one. iCare Advisors believe in personal interaction to better understand their clients’ needs and practice environment. We had an awesome discussion about their consulting conception and all the things they are doing to help their clients. 

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Connect with iCare Advisors here on LinkedIn! 

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